Top 3 Domain Name Generator of 2020

A domain name generator is an automated tool that generates a website address for you. If you are starting up a new website, this is a great way to have it set up the same day and without any problems. The best part is that all the work is done for you!

How important the digital presence is in today’s technological trend, it makes sense for a brand, be it a large conglomerate or a digital agency of a person, to have a domain name. But In today’s competitive world choosing the best domain is always a tough task

If you are not careful when choosing your domain then you may end up with a site that is not searching engine friendly.

So if you are thinking of choosing a great domain name for your blog or site, Don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this article, we have shared the most trustable Top 3 Best Domain Name Generators of 2020.

But before moving to the main content lets discuss the basic first.

What is Domain Name

When you want to start a website, you need to have a domain name. But what the heck is a domain name anyway?

Basically, it is an addressing scheme that assigns names and numbers to identify the computers on the Internet-based on the Domain Name System (DNS). An imperative purpose of the domain name is to give easily identifiable and memorial names to numerically addressed Internet resources.

In simple words, Domain name refers to your website name. A domain name is an address to find your website on the internet. Every website has its own unique IP address in the form of numbers. But it is not always possible to remember numbers.

So that we use domain names instead of IP address to remember our or others website easily. When someone typed your domain name in the browser, it will redirect the user to that IP server.

Domain names are consist of letters, numbers and special characters. You can use any combination of them. when typed in the browser.

Why We Need Domain Name!

If you want to start a blog or a business online, you must need a perfect Domain Name for your business. Because your domain is the unique identity of your website on the internet.

Using your own domain you can make your personal blog or website very professional. If you are running a business it is more important for you to have the best domain name as you may register it as a trademark.

How To Choose Best Domain Name

Choose your domain name wisely as this is going to be your permanent address. Before choosing any domain research fully and wisely. Always choose a domain name that is easy to find and remember.

If you want to choose the best domain for you, follow these 8 Tips.

  1. Make your domain easy to pronounciate
  2. Keep it short and simple as possible
  3. Avoid trademark names
  4. Target your business area
  5. Make your domain memorable
  6. Always try to avoid numbers and hyphens
  7. Research wisely
  8. Use a perfect domain extension that visualizes your business (.com or .net recommended)

* Note: You don’t need a keyword in your domain name to rank well on Google today. But it’s a good idea to theme your domain name around your main keyword because it will give first-time visitors an idea of ​​what your website is about.

Follow the above steps carefully to chose your best domain name. Also, we are sharing Top 3 Best Domain Name Generators of 2020 below those will help you to find a batter domain for you.

The first step to use a domain name generator is to find a good one. There are several online services that offer tools such as these. However, some of them are less than useful and not worth the time.

Here are the Top 3 Domain Name Generator of 2020

Providing a website can be difficult, especially if you are new to the whole website and branding stuff. And if you’re like me, you can spend brainstorming time for a name, just for a crappy list.

Here are the top 3 domain name generators to help you brainstorm domain name ideas.

  • Nam mesh
  • Domainwheel
  • Lean Domain Search

Above are the best among service providers who give domain name suggestions. We have discussed briefly all of them below. To know more read the complete article.

When using a domain name generator, you can select what type of domain you want and how many letters, characters, and symbols you wish to include in the domain name. You can also include alternate spellings of words and the word order you want to use. All of these things can change the overall look and feel of your website.

#1 Name Mesh

Name Mesh one of the Best Domain Name Generators in the Market. With the help of Name Mesh, you can find a perfect domain name for your personal blog or business website. It also provides a company name generator service if for searching domain related to your company.

When you use the Nam mesh to create your domains, you will end up with ten numbers that you will enter into the browser. These numbers will connect together like the letters on a dictionary to create a series of numbers. You will use the keypad on your computer to enter these ten numbers in order. Once you do that, your website will launch with the address you’re created. It is very important that you only use ten numbers, to begin with, because you will need to enter ten numbers to make it work

Name mesh has distributed domain names in many categories such as:

  • Common
  • New
  • Short
  • Extra
  • Similar
  • SEO
  • Fun
  • Mix

You can select one of the above categories, which suite your business.

#2. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is a perfect tool with a simple interface to generate your Domain Name. It has features that allow you to generate lots of example domain names for you to choose from.

How To Search

Enter your Keyword: Add a number of key phrases associated with your area of interest that can assist the web site to generate your new area concepts. You can use a mixture of letters or a precise phrase. Always be inventive whereas selecting a website to identify.

Pick your Domain: There will probably be an inventory of area identify suggestions in entrance of you. You have to decide on one among them. Choose the area that fits the finest for your enterprise.

Register your domain: Just click on the view details button to find more information on that domain. Such as how to register and price information. Before buying compare all the domain name provider’s prices and select the most effective one.

Domainwheel is the most straightforward web site to make use of as in comparison with different Domain Name Generators.

#3 Lean Domain Search

One of the most important aspects of a website is its usability. Your customers want a tool that is easy to use and does what it is supposed to do. Finally, a domain name generator called LeanDomainSearch that very easy to use.

Lean Domain Search is a handy search engine for finding available domain names. The tool helps users find domain names by matching the search phrase with other keywords commonly found in the domain name. The tool was acquired by Automattic.


In this article, we have discussed Top 3 Domain Name Generators of 2020. I hope it helped you find your required domain name. If you have still any doubts in your mind feel free to comment below. Here is the next step – How to Start a blog, after Register a Domain Name.

We are happy to help you at any cost. If you have any questions, feedback, please feel free to leave a comment. We will try our best to improve.

Thanks for reading the complete article. Please give your valuable feedback so that we can improve.

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