How to get a free top-level domain for one year [100% Legit]

If you are searching for Top-level domain for free, you are in the right place. I will show you the legit way to get TLD domains like .com, .net, .org, etc absolutely for free along with more business services.
In India, a Domain Extension’s cost is around something like 8$ for the first year in the market. Sometimes, beginners don’t have that much money to buy a domain name. So, they start searching for Free Domain on the Internet and lots of results are also popped up. But those are not completely free, you have to purchase their hosting plan to get free TLD domain.
Anyway, in this Step by Step guide, you will learn how to get a TLD domain which is 100% free for One Year.

Lets, get start

1. Create Account on Yahoo

Go to Yahoo Small Business and click on Start for Free Button
Free Domain
Select your Business Category and  Business Name, then heat that continue button
Free Domain

Now, you need to create a Yahoo account. Fill up the form with your name, email, and password. After the fill-up, just click on Continue button

Free Domain

Don’t worry you are not going to pay them a single penny. Because we are coming through a discount link

How to get a Free Domain from Godaddy

Your order is complete, now click on Go To Dashboard button you will be redirected to a confirmation page.

How to get a Free Domain from Godaddy

Just check your email

The mail should be like this, just click on Activate my Account button or the given link URL:
You will be redirected to this page and just type your email  and password

Now an information box will be popped up, just complete this to access your account and keep it secure: 

How to get a Free Domain from Yahoo

Finally, the dashboard is here, you can control everything from here. To claim your Domain, just click on Get Started (Claim and verify your domain) option:

2. Now, you can choose the recommended domain otherwise you can type and search your desire domain

How to get a Free Domain from Yahoo
If your Domain Name is available, just click on the Get it Now Button and filled-up the information carefully. After that, you will get a confirmation message for Verification purposes. In order to ensure your domain name remains active, you must now click the approved link and follow the instructions which they provided. You are Done!
Conclusion: I know this is a quite long step but there are no other options too, you have to follow it. Because the free things are not easily come to you. Anyway, thanks for your patience and I hope you like this “How to get a free top-level domain for one year [100% Legit]” article. If so, please help others too by sharing this article. Peace!!

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