The Best WordPress Plugins for your blog & Website 2020

There are more than 50 thousand WordPress plugins that can help us add certain features without touching the code. But the problem is Not all  55,747 WordPress plugins are useful.

There are many plugins whose quality is not good and it can harm your WordPress site. And some of the plugins have the same features so that we install two similar plugins.

WordPress beginners usually get confused because of this. That’s what we will discuss now –

In general, 11 plugin functions are essential for all types of websites.

For each of the 11 functions, I will show you 1-3 of the best plugins with various considerations such as:

  1. The easiest to use
  2. The best among the free
  3. The best, without price consideration

These are the 20 plugins that I recommend.

Back up and secure your WordPress data

Backup is something that is often underestimated by new website owners. Even though you MUST have the function.


If you have just created a website with WordPress, then you are interested in fiddling with the codes in plugins and themes, even though you don’t understand PHP yet.

It can cause your WordPress to crash.

If the damage is trivial, the repair is also easy. But what if it turns out you can’t fix.

Need to reinstall?

All files, posts, and pages that you have made are all gone?

To prevent things like this, we need backups.

Even though you don’t need it now, but at any time when you need the data, you won’t panic.

Here are the two best backup plugins:


UpdraftPlus is a free backup plugin with complete features.

You can schedule backups automatically, and then the file is sent to other places such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on.

Also, they have paid addons to add features. Or you can also buy the premium version for $ 90.

Here are the main features of UpdraftPlus:

  • Full backup, with automatic scheduling
  • Store files in external storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive,, OneDrive, etc. so it doesn’t take up your hosting capacity
  • Email notifications when the backup is complete or if there is an error
  • The process of restoring data is not complicated ** Migrate websites to other places easily (paid addon)

Price: Free (premium version available)



It is for those of you who don’t want to be bothered with backup matters.

VaultPress is a backup plugin used by large websites because the process is straightforward.

In 1 click, all matters are settled.

Although not free, the price is lower than if you buy the premium version of UpdraftPlus.

Prices start at $ 3 / month.

Oh yes, this plugin was made by Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of Automattic (his WordPress company). So the toughness is no doubt.

Here are the main features of VaultPress:

  1. Automatic full daily backups in one click
  2. Realtime backup (for specific packages)
  3. 30-day archive backups for the cheapest boxes and backup archives are not limited to higher price packages
  4. Automatic restore in 1 click
  5. Restore to another place
  6. Safekeeper support if you need help

For additional information, this means that when realtime backups on your WordPress file are backed up immediately. Therefore, this is suitable for large websites that have a lot of activity.

Price: starting from $ 3 / month


Delete spam comments automatically

Because WordPress is the most popular CMS, many people out there use tools to spam WordPress-based sites.

One of the most frequent spam is comment spam.

After your site is 1-4 weeks in general, you will see many unrelated English comments that contain many links.

If we delete it one by one, it will take a long time.

Therefore this plugin plays an important role.


There is only one recommendation for plugins in this category.

Akismet is a free plugin that usually already exists when your WordPress is newly installed.

We need to activate it.

Main features of Akismet:

  • Automatically detect and delete spam comments
  • The biggest and most complete spammer database

Price: free


Increase website speed (plugin cache)

There are two cache plugin functions:

  1. Increase website speed when opened by visitors
  2. Lighten your server’s performance

If you explain the process, it will be complicated, but the point is this

when visitors open your site, then behind the scenes your server is working to continue processing data to display the page.

The more pages loaded, the harder it is to work.

This cache plugin functions to store data that is processed by the threaded server then stored somewhere.

When visitors come, they will be given data that has been processed and stored earlier so that your server does not need to prepare data multiple times for each visitor.

Thus the process becomes faster.

Here are some of the best cache plugins:

W3 Total Cache

Free cache plugin with the complete features.

There are many features that we can set manually in this plugin, so the results will be as you wish.

Main features of W3 Total Cache:

  • All types of cache settings
  • Supports CDN, minify, and GZIP

Price: Free (premium version available)


WP Super Cache

The W3 Total Cache plugin above is complete, but it’s so comprehensive that sometimes people get confused about what the settings are.

For this reason, there is WP Super Cache.

If you don’t want to bother seeing a lot of settings and want to install it right away, this plugin might be more right for you.

WP Super Cache main features:

  • The cache feature is quite complete
  • Easier setup process

Price: free


WP Rocket

Isn’t there a cache plugin whose settings are not complicated, but it’s perfect, and has the best performance?

There is WP Rocket.

From a trial conducted on several cache plugins, it turns out that WP Rocket has the highest performance.

WP Rocket main features:

  • All types of cache, minify, CDN, and GZIP
  • Lazy Load (the image is loaded later when the visitor scrolls to the position of the picture, so the page loads faster)

Price:  Starting at $ 39

Increase the number of shares to social media

Social media is a massive source of website visitors. Even for some types of websites can be more significant than Google.

Therefore social media should not be underestimated.

We want the content on our website to be shared on social media by visitors so that more people come.

For them to share, we must provide the button.

These are plugins to provide a share button.


AddThis is a free social sharing plugin with the full features and the most beautiful design.

Here are the features of AddThis:

  • Standard sharing button at the beginning/end of the content
  • Sharing buttons are attached to the left / right end of the page and come down when the page disc rolls
  • Sharing button for mobile
  • Social media account follow button
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Daily share count statistics

Price: Free (premium version available)


SumoMe is a plugin with many functions, other functions will be explained later, but this time we will discuss only social sharing.

Even though the design isn’t much, the share feature on SumoMe is quite complete.

Share Features on SumoMe:

  • 13 social share button placements, including at the beginning/end of the content and when the page has scrolled the buttons that come down 
  • Select mobile share button that can be set to display social media that is different from the desktop (premium)
  • Daily Statistics
  • Share button above the image
  • Share button that appears when a visitor blocks a post

Price: Free (premium version available)


Close the WordPress security gap

I’m not trying to frighten, but WordPress is often the target of hackers. Because WordPress is the most popular CMS, if a hacker knows how to break into WordPress, then he can break into many sites.

Basically, WordPress is safe.

Very rarely, some websites have been penetrated by hackers.

But so that we, as website owners become calmer, it’s a good idea to use these plugins.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is the Best WordPress Plugin to save your website from the hacker. It ncludes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that was built from the ground up to protect WordPress. The Threat Defense Feed arms Wordfence with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures, and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe. Rounded out by 2FA and a suite of additional features, Wordfence is the most comprehensive WordPress security solution available.

Some Strong Features

  • WordPress Firewall
  • WordPress Security Scanner
  • Login Security
  • Wordfence Central
  • Security Tools

See Details and Download>


JetPack is a WordPress plugin that has many functions; this time, we will discuss a feature called Protect and Monitor.

Protect serves to prevent brute force.

Brute force is a hacking method that is done by trying to log in multiple times until the password is successfully guessed, both manually and automatically.

Protect will limit the number of password errors for a specific duration.

So brute force is severe/ cannot be done.

Whereas Monitor, as the name implies, monitors the site and notifies you via email that your website is down or inaccessible.

Price: free


iThemes Security

To further increase security, you can also install this plugin.

There are some essential features that you might need from iThemes Security, such as blocking IP addresses, virus scans, and so on.

These are the main functions of iThemes Security:

  • Notification via email when someone is logged in
  • Log in 2 stages with Google Authenticator
  • Scan malware files with automatic scheduling
  • Block certain IP addresses
  • Change the dashboard URL address
  • Closes the dashboard page within certain hours

Price: Free (premium version available)


Best WordPress Plugins to Make various types of forms

Usually, on the website, we need away. Just a form for visitors to contact you, or a form for buying and selling.

If you understand programming, this plugin is not essential…

… but if you are a layman like me, creating a form is not easy. To be easy, we use plugins.


One feature in JetPack is creating contact forms. If you only need a form like this, JetPack is enough.

Price: free


Contact Form 7

If you don’t use JetPack (because of its many features), but only need the contact form feature, use this plugin.

Also, Contact Form 7 also has several features that JetPack does not have, such as file upload, reCaptcha, integration with Akismet, and others.

Price: free


Gravity Forms

You can create all types of forms in Gravity Forms.

Apart from just making ordinary forms, here are other types of forms that you can make in Gravity Forms:

  • Quiz
  • Register email list
  • Survey
  • Customer service form
  • Payment Form

And many more, depending on how you make it.

To support these features, Gravity Forms has complete integration with other applications such as MailChimp, Paypal, Stripe, Zapier, and others.

Price: Starting at $ 39


Reduce the size of the image to save hosting

The website in any form must contain pictures. If not, then your site will become boring.

But the picture is not light.

Images will take up a lot of space on your web hosting, and pictures will make your website Load longer.

Fortunately, you can reduce the size of these images.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Usually, the pictures that we use on the website are not optimal.

Too heavy.

With this plugin, we can compress the image size so that it becomes lighter. For example, if you upload a JPG image that was 500 KB in size, with this plugin, it could be only 300 KB.

Here are the features of EWWW Image Optimizer:

  • Compresses JPG and PNG images automatically when uploaded
  • Lossless (no loss of quality) or lossy (with a slight loss of quality)
  • Optimization of all previously uploaded images at once

Price: free



JetPack has a feature called Photon CDN.

The image you upload will automatically be optimized for size. In addition, your image will also be copied to the CDN (Content Delivery Network) to be displayed to visitors.

Thus, visitors access images not from your server but the CDN.

As a result, we save a lot of bandwidth.

Price: free


Optimizing WordPress against search engines – Best WordPress Plugins

All websites need to be optimized for search engines so that they rank high on Google, and ultimately get lots of visitors.

By default, WordPress is optimal, but we can still improve it again.

The SEO Plugin works to regulate how your website will appear in Google’s search results and track and correct errors in Search Console.

There is one thing you need to remember:

The SEO plugin is not to improve ranking on Google. This plugin is only for implementing basic SEO

Read: How to Rank on Google easily

Yoast SEO

The most popular SEO plugins now.

Yoast SEO has complete features compared to other plugins. The procedure for evaluating SEO is also the most modern.

Besides, there are also social media optimization features.

Yoast SEO’s main features:

  • Provide an assessment in terms of SEO for the content on the website
  • Create a sitemap in XML format for Search Console
  • Change the structure of the archive page title
  • Change the content title and page title (<title> tag)
  • Add a meta description
  • Change .htaccess and robots.txt
  • See and fix errors in Search Console
  • Provide canonical tags if needed

Price: Free (premium version available)


All-in-one SEO Pack

Its basic features are almost the same as Yoast SEO.

You install this one and Yoast SEO; it’s the same … it makes no difference. Just don’t install both.

If you are still a beginner with SEO, Yoast might be better because it has a rating score for content. Meanwhile, if you are familiar with SEO and want a more straightforward plugin, All-in-one SEO is better.

Here are the main features:

  • Create a sitemap in XML format for Search Console
  • Change the structure of the archive page title
  • Change the content title and page title (<title> tag)
  • Add a meta description
  • Provide canonical tags if needed

Price: Free (premium version available)

See your daily WordPress statistics

The purpose of this plugin is to see how many visitors are coming to your website, which pages are visited the most, and how much time they visit.

Beginners often underestimate this statistical function.

Even though when your website is developed, you will need these data.

It is the plugin that we use to collect data.

Google Analytics by Yoast

The tool that we use to collect data is Google Analytics. While this plugin works to integrate your WordPress with Google Analytics.

That is if you can’t integrate manually.

If you can integrate manually, there is no need to install this plugin.

Price: Free (premium version available)


Google Analytics is the best website statistics tool at this time because of its full features, not only to see the number of visitors but can also be used for other functions.

But if you don’t want to use Google Analytics and only want to know the number of visitors, use JetPack.

JetPack has a feature called Site Stats to find out the number of visitors to your website.


Create an email registration form (opt-in form)

Almost all big websites have a system or means for their visitors to register their emails.

The goal is that we can bring them again.

Also, if you sell products/services, the people who register their emails are potential buyers and customers.

So there are two purposes for collecting emails:

  1. Develop websites faster
  2. Get buyers/customers

This is a plugin that we can use to create opt-in email registration forms.


SumoMe is a plugin that has many features that we can use to develop websites. One of them is to make an opt-in form.

Here are some of SumoMe’s main features related to opt-in form:

  • Popup form
  • The form that appears when the page is disc rolled
  • Horizontal form at the top of the page
  • The form that fills the screen
  • Daily registrar statistics
  • A / B testing (premium)

Price: Free (premium version available)

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is currently the complete opt-in form plugin.

Besides, the appearance is also very flexible.

There are more than 50 templates available in this plugin. If you are still not satisfied, you can change everything from colors, pictures, sizes. All.

Here are the Thrive Leads features:

  • Place the opt-in form anywhere on your page
  • Popup form
  • A form that appears when the page is disc rolled
  • Horizontal form at the top of the page
  • The form that fills the screen
  • Daily registrar statistics
  • Automatically send magnetic leads
  • A / B testing
  • Design that can be adjusted according to taste

Price: Starting at $ 67


By the way, on this website, I use Thrive Leads. You may have seen some of the forms.

Best WordPress Plugins to Creating landing pages for various uses

If you want to offer something, for example selling products/services, then you will need a landing page.

Otherwise, it’s not effective.

With a specially designed landing page, the conversion will be even higher. That is, sales increased.

In addition to sales pages, landing pages can also be used for the front page or to collect emails.

But there is one problem:

Almost all WordPress themes cannot be used to create landing pages. Must be manual or pay people.

Therefore, we use these plugins.

Thrive Architect

This plugin is the same maker as Thrive Leads.

Initially, this plugin can only be used to decorate content on WordPress. So the name is Content Builder.

But now it can be used to make a landing page.

There are more than 100 templates for landing pages in this plugin.

If you are not satisfied, you can change it yourself to taste. The process is also not complicated, no need to understand HTML and CSS at all.

Thrive Architect Features:

  • More than 100 ready-made templates, everything can be changed according to taste
  • The manufacturing process is straightforward, drag & drop the features you want
  • Can be used for various needs: email registration, webinars, or sales

Price: Starting at $ 69



Unbounce is not just a plugin, and they have their platform, so they don’t need WordPress.

But it can also be used with WordPress.

If you feel like a person who is clueless or afraid of complicated things, try using WordPress.

Unbounce Features:

  • More than 70 templates ready to use
  • The manufacturing process is straightforward
  • A / B testing
  • Have a lot of integration with other applications



Optimizepress is one of the biggest names in the landing page and WordPress world because they are one of the first to provide plugins and themes to make landing pages easier.

Although there are now many other services that might even be better than Optimizepress, they still have several advantages.

If explained briefly, Optimizepress is the most complete.

From this system, you can get many things.

Here are Optimizepress features:

  • The theme for landing pages with more than 30 templates ready to use
  • The manufacturing process is quite easy
  • Plugin for premium pride
  • A / B testing
  • Can be used as a landing page, sales page, webinar registration, or for email list registration
  • Have a lot of integration with other applications

Price: Starting at $ 97


That’s all the best plugins for WordPress from various categories and considerations. Please install what you think best suits your website needs.

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